💡 What?

<aside> 💡 A valuation is the practice of putting a price tag (value) on your company.


❓ Why?

<aside> 💡 If you ever want to sell your business either partially or fully and reap the benefits of your hard work, potential buyers will value what your business is worth in $ within a so-called valuation.

Your aim as a founder therefore should be to understand the different levers of a valuation and how to influence them, to receive the maximum amount of $ possible.


💪 How?

<aside> 💡 There are a thousand different business models with the unique value levers for each company. However, if you focus on the list down below, you are most likely adding some decent value to your business.


🪄 Lever #1 - Have a plausible and catching business plan

🪄 Lever #2 - Know key levers of your cash flow and how to impact them